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NTV Go enables you engage and contribute to your favourite content through story telling. We are extending our resources so that each of you can become a journalist and engage with us. Contribute to your favourite shows, news features and stories all in one place. Engage a seamless experience on mobile and web. Key features include: + Enjoy all the stories of events happening in Uganda through informative video content + Contribute to your favorite event or become a reporter and get your contribution featured on television and all our digital properties ***KNOWN ISSUES +Not fully supported on tablets devices as yet. This will be fixed soon. Check for updates NTV GO was conceived from the NTV Ideaslab (http://ideaslab.ntv.co.ug), an initiative of Africa Broadcasting (U) Ltd and Outbox Uganda that sought to identify innovative digital ideas that improve the way; news is collected and disseminated, media engages with the audience & push for new production and revenue models in media.