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CVS Photo Printing from your phone. Genuine Kodak paper! Print photos with 1 hour print development. Use Photo Prints Now to print your phone's photos at CVS locations. Print Instagram, Facebook, Flickr & Print Google+ pictures. Easily access photos wherever you have them stored. Print square Instagram style images in glorious 6"X6" print sizes. 4x6, 5x7, 6x6, 8x10 print sizes available - Ready in 1 Hour!Faster than kiosks, and super simple to use. Print your Kodak moments today using just your phone to send pictures for development. The fastest CVS photo printing app technology is now available for Android phones and tablets. We use high quality Kodak paper to make a lasting archive of your life's memories. Perfect for scrapbooking or a little extra love to make a greeting card extra special.Photo Sources:• Your Phone• Google+• Facebook• Instagram• FlickrTrust your memories to the best photo paper on the planet, genuine Kodak brand photo paper at your favorite local CVS location. No subscriptions or other gimmicks. Get your phone's pictures into print quickly and easily. Picture Development Sizes:• 4x6” Prints• 5x7” Prints• 8x10” Prints• 6x6” Square Instagram Style• 8x8” Square Instagram StyleFrequently Asked Questions:Q: Does the app work with the Kodak Kiosk Connect?A: Photo Prints Now can send your photos directly to CVS locations without using the Kodak photo kiosk.Q: Can I Print Instagram pictures?A: Yes. You can print photos from your favorite social media accounts including Instagram. Q: Is Photo Prints Now owned by CVS?A: No, Photo Prints now is developed by an independent product lab, MEA and is not owned by CVS Photo.Important Information:1 Hour Pickup is estimated and exact time is dependent on each store location. CVS PHARMACY is a trademark of CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Kodak is a registered trademark of Kodak Alaris, Inc.Feedback? We would love to hear from you. Email us directly at hello@photoprintsnow.comSupport? Email with any support questions.

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