Ninja Warrior Robot Transformation Robot Wars

White Sand - 3D Games Studio



Ninja Warrior Robot Transformation Robot Wars is a highly addictive action based game, featuring ninja flying robot or iron robot along with air bot , which has to eradicate all mutant terrorist & x robot autobots in highly intense robot war for the protection for futuristic city. Only a vigilant real robot or flying robot superhero known as highly destructive flying kill machine possessing flying robot simulator of air robot to easily to transform in to iron robot or eminent future flying robot which can save the big city of New York. In Ninja Warrior Robot Transformation Robot Wars you have to set free the futuristic city from the furious x robot autobots with evil robot car transformation weapons and vicious mutant terrorists with vigilant hero survival. They have created panic and horror in the survival city with their highly destructive futuristic machine guns and weapons for war machine along with war robot, which can instantly destroy muscle robot car in highly intense hero city rescue battle. In Ninja Warrior Robot Transformation Robot Wars you will play as eminent ninja flying robot or iron robot along with air robot having the objective to quickly eradicate x robot autobots & mutant terrorists from prominent locations of the futuristic city of San Francisco. Be a real robot & vigilant flying robot known for quick robot car transformation ability and intelligently plan your movements in survival city as deadly flying kill machine or highly destructive muscle robot car. Do you like robot transforming game along with robot battle games then this game will fulfil your gaming requirements. They are extensively used in war robot or prominent aircraft robot along with flying robot simulator in hero city rescue. In this robot battle game, you will be engaged with deadly enemy robots in different locations of big city having highly destructive futuristic machine guns of well-known war machine. Plan & quickly eradicate all vicious evil robots which includes air robot or airplane robot along with war robot with your exceptional steel robot and instant killing real robot abilities like a flying robot superhero loaded with muscle robot car or highly destructive warrior robot weapons utilized in hero survival and in well-known car robot racing. In Ninja Warrior Robot Transformation Robot Wars you will fight for hero city rescue as an eminent ninja flying robot or eminent iron robot with quick robot car transformation skills or robot transform abilities to free the survival city from vicious mutant terrorists along with x robot autobots known as deadly war machine or evil war robot which have arrived in the big city from robot war. In this robot fighting game, expertly utilize your flying kill machine or warrior robot loaded with flying robot car simulator skills and save the innocent people of survival city. Features: - High quality HD graphics with realistic futuristic city robot war animations. - Top Notch sounds tracks like intense robot battle game - Multiple levels made on robot transformation games. - Smooth Controls to move war robot around as a transform robot. - Highly addictive transforming robot games play mode.