Scary Clown Prank Attack Sim: City Clown Sightings

Zygon Games


Welcome to the Killer Clown Scary Pranks Simulator 2018!Let's get familiar with this new genre of killer clown attack games with creepy clown pranks. You heard about the story of the clown, who disturbed the streets of New York with his fear. This scary killer clown game gives you the lifetime experience of being the creepy clown and scare the people with your dirty clown pranks. This solo clown game is full of ultimate destruction and maximum thrill with varied gameplay modes to keep your interest. You will definitely get addicted to this creepy killer clown game in no time. Never forget to wear your clown mask when you start playing this creepy clown revolution game.Killer clown scary pranks simulator 2018 is based on a real-life clown lifeline. A young boy who spent all his childhood watching scary movies and prank generated an idea to scare the people of his city. He managed to get a clown mask and started scaring people in the basements. But his ideas of threatening people and terrifying children flourished even more and he got famous for his extreme actions. He started operating from terrifying places and spread his Strike terror through the dark side of the city. Police featured people screaming and destructive attacks on various occasions but no one was caught. This scariest clown terrified children with his spooky actions and horror-inducing clown sightings were taking over the nation. This clownfaced - scary clown horror free game is composed of various missions in which you to perform scary pranks at different locations, city hallways, subway stations, shopping centers and basements. You have to do gangster clown attacks at Halloween parties and fool the national guardsmen. Scare people with your extreme weapons and scary clown stickers. You can build up your clown bunker where you can portray creepy evil ideas and clown posters to start your clown gang. Use scary weapons and strange clown tactics to become all time dangerous clown master. Never get caught by the police else you will lose your clown masks and clown supremacy. Scary clown game with various creepy killer clowns can empower terrifying feeling in the people of New York and criminals clowns can rule the city. Start playing this killer clown prank attack sim and perform scary clown city pranks & become the scariest clown of the city. Killer Clown Scary Pranks Simulator 2018 Features:- Realistic clown animations of hitting and scaring people- Variety of clown costumes and masks to choose from- Intuitive controls and excellent 3D graphics- Realistic scary sounds & visual effects- Challenging and interesting Game Play- Fool Police and take charge of clown world- Realistic natural clown physics engine with modified operationsBe the Scariest Clown of New York in this Scary Clown Prank Attack Sim: City Clown Sightings

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