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The best free Minesweeper on the play store. Whether you are looking for a classic windows experience, or a modern take on the game, we have you covered.- Four awesome board theme modes to choose from: Light, Dark, Classic, and Classic Mono.- Made for fans of classic windows Minesweeper and for those who want a more modern look.- Six Minesweeper difficulties settings as well as Custom Games to create your own board.- Custom game allows you to set the number of rows, columns, and mines.- Quick & Easy Gameplay.- Tap and hold to place flags and marks or toggle each mode with the HUD buttons.- Middle Mouse mimic by touching revealed number tiles.- Zoom the board in and out using pinch gestures.- Sleekest UI of any Minesweeper on the store.- Landscape and Portrait orientations.- Innovative second chance feature enables you to undo your last move. Great for accidental tile touches.- Completely free to play.If you enjoy Minesweeper, please don't forget to leave a review. Thank you for playing.

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