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Pregnancy Calendar - is an indispensable tool for the expectant mother Get detailed information on the development of your baby at each week of pregnancy. Hundreds of thousands of women choose this application. Join us With Pregnancy Calendar you can easily: - Track your pragnancy week by week - Get baby size information and development updates weekly - Get information on changes in your body - Manage weight and belly growth gain goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI - Track contractions and send results to medic - Get info with due date calculator - Track baby kicks - Get more information about pregnancy by weeks - Share on Facebook, Email, Text & Twitter and more Every woman expecting a child prepares herself to give birth to her baby and, of course, she wants to know how her baby grows, what happens to the body and what other changes are waiting for her until the birth of the baby. In this application youll find the detailed weekly pregnancy calendar giving easy access to information about the pregnancy and the baby development, changes in pregnant womans body, as well as tips on nutrition for pregnant women. For each week of pregnancy, there are four pieces of information: • Baby development, • Mothers body, • Moms meals, • Useful tips. To use the pregnancy calendar and to count your pregnancy due date just enter the day of your last period and youll see the information about your duration of gestation. This App is not intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, consult with your doctor or midwife. You can find us with following keywords: Pregnancy Tracker, pregnancy calculator, Due Date Calculator, pregnant, baby, embarazo, contraction, ovia, due, expecting, week, daily, birth, parenting, womb, fetal, kick, pregnancy apps, Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development Countdown,vбеременность, беременна, ребенок, срок, схватки, недели, роддом, папа, овуляция, маме, мылаш, дата, развитие, 9 месяцев

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