Hands On With Sony’s Project Morpheus VR Headset

Virtual reality has sparked everyone’s curiosity in recent years. The tide is finally turning when it comes to virtual reality. First, it was Oculus Rift that came out and then Samsung made their future Gear VR. Sony came out with Project Morpheus VR, which will be for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Right now, it’s a prototype that is still being developed and will revolutionize the gaming world. Sony isn’t the only one looking for this technology because other companies like Google are looking to make their own VR headset as well. For Sony, Project Morpheus has a lot of potentials, and we will cover the points of this VR device today.


Project Morpheus Headset

The PlayStation 4 prototype VR headset fits on your head rather snugly is lightweight and comes with a headset for sound. It also comes with two different colored toggle sticks that have triggers attached to them. The headset also has one wire that runs into a box for the game. The lights on the outside of the headset help track your movement once you’re on the inside of a game, and the hand toggles help to track your hand movements. Inside the game, you toggle sticks act as your hands and which are opened palms. When you pull the trigger of the toggles, it closes your hand for either a closed fist or to grab an object. When you turn your head, the VR headset will move 360 degrees to give you that feeling that you are in a world of your own. The headset design is meant to keep the user cool as VR headsets can tend to heat up over time.


Demo Game

There is a demo game for Project Morpheus VR headset that is called Morpheus Castle. When inside the game you have to get used to your toggle controls by picking up weapons consisting of a sword or a crossbow and practicing with these weapons on a person in front of you dressed in armor like the army in Clash Royale. You can also hit the person in front of you with a closed fist. There is also a dragon inside the game that you can practice your weapons on also that ends up flying up to you, and if you’re not careful the dragon can eat you. The graphics inside the game are nowhere near that of a real studio creation that you might see in one of PlayStation 4’s other games. The VR for Project Morpheus has video game-like graphics that you might expect from Playstation older models. You can tell why it is still a demo because it needs more work done on the graphics and controls of the game.



Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset has potential to be a real winner if they can work on the graphics of the headset. It also could be great if they made the VR headset remote instead of wired and add more features you appear in to be more lifelike. Sony still hasn’t had any updates of Project Morpheus going into the early part of 2015 about any release dates, but time will tell.