How To Keep Your Computer Secure

Computers have become an integral part of everyday life. Unfortunately, so have attacks on computers. Here are a few ways you can secure your computer and its information from malware attacks:


Install a reputable anti-virus program and perform regular updates

Okay, this one’s actually a bit of a no-brainer. A lot of us go and get anti-virus and anti-malware apps almost as soon as we get a new computer. Always remember to go for a reliable and reputable anti-virus software to help protect your computer. Also, always make sure to regularly update not just your software, but your operating system as well.


Create a strong password

Passwords are a critical link in computer security, and using a strong password helps keep all the links secure. Passwords should always be easy to memorize, but complex enough to be secure at the same time.


Be cautious with email links

While anti-virus programs typically monitor email as well, it is oftentimes a good idea to be cautious with links sent via email, especially from email addresses you do not know. So general safety tip: don’t click on a link without verifying if the sender is trustworthy.


Use a firewall and set up your User Account Control

Firewalls help regulate traffic passing through your network and also helps ensure viruses and other malware don’t enter your network. Likewise, always have your UAC (User Account Control) helps ensure that any changes that were done to your computer need administrator level permission from you.


Use a pop-up blocker and enhance your web browser’s security settings

Okay, so you’re browsing the web and suddenly, weird windows pop-up on your screen. What gives, right? Well, many of these pop-ups aren’t just an annoyance, some of them can carry a payload of viruses and malware, so getting a pop-up blocker is a solid defence to make sure your browsing remains safe. Additionally, adjusting your browser’s security settings also helps ensure that your computer remains safe and secure.


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