Making James Bond Night Vision Sunglasses

James Bond Night Vision sunglasses are about much more than just looking cool, suave and mysterious like the famous British action hero. They’re also about being able to see things clearly in the dark. If you spend a lot of time doing things at night, you might want to take the time to make a pair of your own night vision sunglasses. Fortunately, making these special sunglasses usually is a pretty easy project. These sunglasses are effective not only for seeing in dark circumstances, but they’re also handy for noticing concealed security cameras and therefore staying away from them.


First purchase sunglasses that are fully clear. Make sure they’re solely equipped with UV protection. Purchase inexpensive sunglasses that don’t have any other features. Other key tools you’ll need to construct James Bond Night Vision sunglasses are theatrical photo gels. Buy a primary red sheet and a Congo blue sheet. Then employ the glasses you purchased as a foundation. Get a silhouette for the shape of the lens. After that, carefully cut two for both theatrical photo gels. Glue the red gels together. Follow that by placing the blue theatrical photo gels directly on top of them.


At this point, infrared LEDs become a requirement. Opt for eight high-intensity versions. Join two sets of three individual LEDs together. Do this by soldering. Then attach the LEDs on each frame side. Do this using glue. Then begin the wire cutting process. Cut all of the wires roughly 2 inches away from the LEDs. Then keep everything stable using electrical tape. You’ll need a button cell battery here, too (3 volts).


Lastly, finalize the circuit. When you do this, make sure that the wire isn’t attached to the battery at all. At a later time, place the wire below the electrical tape. Then begin with the LEDs. Once you’re done with all of this, you can easily see in the dark. The best part is that other people will never realize that you’re actually looking at them. They won’t even realize that you’re there. The gel in these Night Vision sunglasses enables people to see the handy infrared light that’s produced by the infrared LEDs used. The LEDs, of course, aren’t in any way noticeable to other people.


If you’ve always dreamed about having the ability and talent to see clearly in low light, all you need is a little patience and time. Once you create these DIY Night Vision glasses, nothing will be able to stop you from enjoying clear and reliable vision at all hours of the night. If you need to stay covert and under the radar for any reason, these Night Vision sunglasses will help you achieve that, to say the least. Attaining reliable night vision doesn’t have to be something that will make you go broke. You can make these sunglasses at home by yourself with the assistance of just a few basic supplies. Once you’re done making the sunglasses, the results will definitely be worth it to you. We tried it out ourselves and they looking in Tricky’s glasses from Subway Surfers! Be like James Bond and start taking advantage of night vision right now.