The Logitech G513 Gaming Keyboard – A Review

Logitech’s G413 was a personal favorite of mine when it came out due to its minimalist design and low price tag, giving great performance at an affordable price. So when the G513 was released, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.


The G513 is a definite step up from the previous G413, with RGB lighting, a palm rest, and a whole new linear switch. All that comes with a new, higher price, setting the G513 up as a solid mid-range affair. Let’s take a closer look at the G513.




The G513 is still a compact, minimalist design, with a rigid plastic frame and a sheet of aluminum that serves as its top plate. The brushed metal finish is very nice and seems to be resistant to fingerprints, which is a nice touch. The frameless design and floating keys also make cleanup a breeze.


The RGB lighting is a pretty cool feature that Logitech usually uses in its higher-end products, so seeing it here was pretty nice. The lights are customizable too, so you can synchronize it with your games.


The palm rest is a welcome new addition. The palm rest is padded with memory foam and large enough to support all hand sizes.  I do have a minor gripe: while the palm rest is weighed to keep it in place, I think a set of magnets would have worked better.


The G513 still doesn’t have toggleable function keys or a media key, which I find odd. Some competitors have already proved that its possible to have a frameless design even with shortcut keys, so what gives?


Finally, the keyboard is still only a USB 2.0 device, which also strikes me as odd considering how commonplace USB 3.0 is right now. At least it has a USB passthrough feature. Oh well.




The new G513 uses Romer-G linear switches, and I couldn’t be happier. It feels firm without adding too much resistance, and each key actuates evenly, plus, the keys are quieter and faster while gaming. A definite improvement over the Cherry MX switches.


The Verdict


While the higher price may turn you off, the G513 is still a solid keyboard. It’s vastly improved Romer-G linear switches make using the keyboard a breeze and while its missing support for USB 3.0 and lacks shortcut keys, the performance, and quality of the keyboard should still make it a solid contender.


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